Thursday, November 11, 2010

Nov 8th - Nov.11th

We left Nashville on the 8th and drove as far as Stanton, just outside of St Louis, all we saw there was the arch from the freeway, we were not having any fun looking for gas station we could pull into and out of easily and turned off twice to RV parks only to find them closed. WOULD BE NICE IF THEY PUT UP CLOSED ON THEIR FREEWAY SIGNS. So we keep on going till we got to Stanton and then decided not to go back into St Louis but to continue on to Branson.Branson is just full of theaters and singing and comedy acts everywhere, there are 100 shows going on in 53 theaters, hard to choose were to go. The staff recommended two shows so we are going with that. Wednesday did some laundry, had some guys wash the car and RV and went to see SIX, this is an a Capella group they were great sounded like they had a band but all was done by their voices so cool. Six brothers sang great and were so funny, well worth going to see. This is Veterans week down here so there are all kinds of tributes and such in every show and even in the restaurants, to day in Denny's we even had two different groups come in and sing abit to promote their shows.Their is so much to see and they all sound so good will just have to come back here some time just for the shows

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