Sunday, January 30, 2011

hey,,, look at this Josh has his eyes open !!!!
Baby girl and her baby, thanks for coming
happy birthday Joshua, that boy sure likes to sleep, well in the morning not so much at bedtime.
inside the restaurant at Tortilla flats, note the wallpaper, thousands of one dollar bills people have put up there, there is no room for anymore
the bordello at Goldfield
inside the old mine, it was so very dusty in there
the outside of the old gold mine, we went down here!
the old church
was so hard to even walk in the house
Norm standing in the corner of the mystery house, everything was on a very weird angle

Jan. 27 to Jann. 30

Well we had a very good time with Tammie and Josh soooo nice to have company, we may have been a little cramped but it work out just fine.We did part of the Apache Trail loop up into  the Superstition Mountains went to the old Goldfield mine site did the touristy thing there, then up to Tortilla flats for lunch and ice cream, they have prickly pear ice cream there. We found the worlds worst outlet mall,,, what a joke then went to a regular mall did some shopping and out for Chinese dinner. They got to come look at our winter home, the old owners still have clean up to do there, we are off to Mexico for a few days everything should be ready when we return. Was sad to drop Tammie and Josh at the airport can't wait for when everything at the house is ready and they come back. We are off to visit at the daycare in Mexico  and to check how the building is going and when Norm will be able to drywall there.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

an agave plant
Casa Grande became the first Nationial archeological reserve in 1892
the big house Casa Grande
our winter home

Jan 25th

Well hello there we are enjoying our time here in Mesa we have found a winter home, a three bedroom two bathroom modular home on a very nice lot we are looking forward to spending time here.Today we drove out to Casa Grande ruins, this is  prehistoric ruins a really neat place the home of the ancient Hohokam tribe.We are so excited that Tammie and Josh will be here in a few days , then we will drive  the car down into Mexico to see Wayne and Clair at the daycare and then Marj and Ernie will be here in February,, oh fun.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

yes just another pretty face
Tortilla flats last stage coach stopon the Apache trail

Lost Dutchmans gold mine???

little museum
Tortilla Flats population  6
Canyon lake from the look out
cool  looking rocky peaks
Canyon Lake in the Superstition mountains
Mountains of Arizona mostly rock


This afternoon we drove part way around route 88 into the Superstition mountains up as far as Tortilla Flats, the road was closed past here due to flooding and a wash out.The route passed the Goldfield ghost town and mine, Canyon lake, past rocky mountain peaks and many cacti, a beautiful drive. The road is to open after the 21st and we will have to go drive the whole route then. We had lunch at Tortilla Flats in the old west restaurant, Tortilla Flats is the last remaining stage coach stop along the Apache Trail

Saturday, January 8, 2011

I love these rock mountains
here we see the mountains /foothills  so much nicer then all that prairie
oil rigs also everywhere
cotton fields
hundreds of windmills, SW Texas

Jan.8th 2011

Well yeah here I am finally, we had a wonderful  two weeks at home for Christmas was great to see everyone and to sleep in our bed.We flew back to Dallas on the 5th of Jan. On Thursday we had a great dinner and visit with the Wheelers and family and then hit the road on Friday a.m. drove as far as Van Horn ( outside of Pecos Texas) about nine hours of driving, left there this a.m. and drove to Benson AZ. We wanted to leave Texas before the next storm hit is going to be very cold there. Benson is cool very windy but the sun is shining  . We will head into Phoenix area tomorrow it is only about 2-3 hours drive tomorrow  yeah. We have been so cold lets hope the weather will warm up some for us.Norm is laughing at me says it is not cold compared to home, about 16C, I want warmer ...