Tuesday, September 28, 2010

welcome to Nova Scotia
welcome to New Brunswick
Two travel days through New Brunswick to Sydney Cape Breton N.S.Booked ferry to Nfld. this is a cleaning and laundry day.
narrow streets of old town
one of the many gates into the city
gondala to the top of falls
water falls we can't remember the name
Arrived in Quebec City Friday Sept. 24th short easy drive.Sat. we did two tours first to the falls where we took the gondola to the top where we had lunch a beautiful spot would have been nicer without the rain.
Then we went on a two hour city tour mostly around old Quebec city which is a walled city with three sets of walls in some places, lots and lots of history here we enjoyed it more than Montreal.
market with live intertainment
Notre Dame Montreal
old town Montreal

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Thursday in Montreal fellow at the info centre gave us lots of help we decided to walk the 20 blocks instead of taking the bus or subway, it was nice out and we got to see lots of the city.The old city was so neat with lots of shops and cafes and the streets were all cobble stone real old and hard to walk on. We had some Maple tea and listened to street performers then  had lunch in a small cafe, french onion soup almost as good as mine haha. As we were walking around we commented on the fact that there was very few people around, we walked back into the newer part of the city and went down into the underground city, this is were most of the stores are blocks and blocks of malls and that is where all the people were very busy down there

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

part of the Rideau canal
giant spider statue honoring mothers???? maybe because moms could use a few more arms  who knows?
Parliament building
Wednesday we drove back to Ottawa a 1 1/2 hour drive, walked around and then took the Parliament tour  very interesting but we never saw anyone from the government are they working??? There was a small anti abortion rally on the front steps just a few people with signs and flowers that they placed on the steps for the unborn babies, small and peaceful only one police officer trying to chase them off. After lunch we took the city site seeing tour it was about two hours and we went all over the city and into Gatineau Quebec  seems Ottawa Ontario is on one side of the river and Gatineau  Quebec on the other kind of like Lloydminister Sask.another touristy day.
detour took us along the St Lawerence seaway, very nice area
just a small part of the traffic backed up due to accident, there was hundreds of trucks
welcome to Quebec
Tuesday was a driving day from Niagara Falls to Montreal west, will stay three nights and do day trips from here. Was long day had to detour off freeway because of accident was about a two hour delay, welcome to Quebec! In another KOA it is nice and fairly quiet nearly the end of the camping season here.

Monday, September 20, 2010

Hockey Hall of Fame
Casa Loma
CN Tower
Rogers Centre or as we still call it the Sky Dome
oh yeah the Stanley cup
Well I did these days backwards, this was Sunday and we were in Toronto for the day drive in took 1 1/2 hours, beautiful sunny day. Of course the main reason for our trip to Toronto was the Hockey hall of Fame, Norm was impressed, we spent a couple hours in there then we went for lunch and walked about. Then we took the 2 hour site seeing bus tour around the city that also was good.
one of the vineyards right on Lake Ontario
flowers everywhere huge baskets
one of the wineries we visited
Well up early again today off to Niagara on the Lake for a wine tour. We had tastings at two wineries then lunch in old town with a couple of hours to wander around and shop, then three more wineries with an extensive tour of the largest one. We all liked the tour but no one was really taken with their wines, we all preferred the wines of the smaller wineries. Of course we came back to the RV with wine...11 bottles good thing we are not crossing into the states again for awhile.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

in our lovely blue garbage bag raincoats
the horseshoe falls ,the Canadian side
falls from the American side
Well today we did the tourist thing, took the bus to the falls, we wandered around the touristy town then went on the Queen of the Mist. These boats go right up to and into the falls, of course everyone gets wet, it was pretty darn cool. Went over to the casino for awhile, it sucked...sucked away  my money that is. Ate at the buffet and hung out abit longer then went home, all in all a good day.
Swem family
driving over Chicago
Today is a driving day made it through Chicago no problem it was the detour that got us. But that's okay made it to Hanna and spent the night. The less than two hour drive to Fort Wayne took over four hours seems that there are no camp sites and just when decided to head north to Canada we find one yay....
Had a wonderful visit with the Swems Levi is walking all over holding on to one security finger soon he will be of and running Isak and I caught grass hoppers in the back yard. Katherine folks also came for dinner and we all had a good visit. Later the Swems took us on a tour of the seminary it was cool, another place that was hard to leave. Off to Canada Thur. nice weather but lots of road construction, We are now in Niagara Falls.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Terry and Barb
Matthew, Norm and Terry
So just after we pulled into our RV site in Eagle River Terry phones us. We had mailed them a card saying we were coming this way had the address but no phone number so call us on Norms cell, he had just received the card  and called...so wierd. He came over to visit then him and his son Matt came for dinner, Barb wasn,t feeling well. Today they came for a bit and we went to their place for dinner  so nice there, old log cabin right on the lake very very nice. Terry said we had changed so much he couldn,t believe it was us, er think he has aged more... looks so much ;like Mom. had a nice time with them.
Well we had a wonderful day with Pastor Bob and Beth, they were so surprised to see us. It was a great  day  tobe there as it was rally sunday and the kick off for their year long celebration, celebrating  the church's 25 th anniversary. They had a fun fair and lunch outside it was lots of fun. They have 2 services we attended the 2nd one with about 450 attending lots and lots of kids. They have 100 in confirmation WOW!!! the average age is 35, sure was a nice church felt like home, we hated to leave.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

just a small part of the amusement park area
520 stores, 50 restaurants full size amusement park and many other fun things going on here
brick of gold chained down with armed gaurds, was about 23 lbs and worth 1/2 million
Royal Canadian mint
lake on the other side
dam on the one side
seven sisters falls hydro dam
more fun at the zoo
Jada at the Winnipeg zoo, the new lion habitate
Brittany and Jada, Brit showing off her Jack lunch bag
Denise and her girls
this is a bird condo, very wierd at our RV site in Neepawa
Saskatoon Berry farm
dinner with the Samplonius'
Well here we finally have the Internet I can't believe 17 days 3 province's 2 states and no Internet hardly anywhere. We had a great time with Denise and girls and Scott too in Winnipeg, went to the zoo with Dee and Jada , Brittany joined us later for dinner. Norm and I went out to seven sisters falls but there is no longer 7 falls now a hydro dam, still was kind of neat. we also went to the royal Canadian mint, that was so cool. they mint all our coins there plus coins for 62 other countries, 750 coins a second, 4 billion a year. We now are in Minnesota  went to the Mall of America what a huge mall 520 stores, 50 restaurants and tons of attractions including an amusement park inside, pretty amazing. Tomorrow we will attend Pastor Bob's church and head to Wisconsin monday am to see terry and Barb

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Well we have had a good time in Saskatoon, spent the day saturday with Shirley, Karen and Gage had a great dinner, Karen is a good cook:) we went to Pastor Rudy's church today, was great to see them. Rudy knew us right aways took Donna a few moments to place the faces, great service. We had wanted to see Sarah Morgan but appearently she is at a grandson's wedding, sorry we missed her. Heading for Winnipeg in the am, probably go half way,will see sister Dee soon.
revelstoke bc
Well we spent the last two days in Regina visiting our friends Gordon and Gloria had a nice time, then we were off to Saskattoon . Bill and Sharon are out here so they and Debbie came for coffee and then Dwyane and Josh stopped over after work, we are all going out for dinner later. Here are a few photos to update you all.