Monday, November 22, 2010

Nov 21 and Nov 22

Sunday we went into Clearwater to church and we sat with a real nice couple, wouldn't you know it they were winter residents...from Moose Jaw  so funny, come all this way and meet people from Sask..It was a good service very much like ours with the Hymnal and old folks hahah. Walked the rail trail a city bike walking trail not sure how long it is but we walked for an hour from our RV park out over the water and Norm did it again today (Monday) and went into the Walmart shopping centre, the trail keep on going, guess I should try to find out how long it is. Monday we went into Clearwater and sat on the beach for awhile , it is one of the nicest beaches with that sugar soft sand , it was in the mid to high 80s and got very hot under the cabana we rented.Last night here this has been one nice stop and we will add it to our possible future winter  residence places. We did not plan to come down into Florida this trip but we both are glad we did.

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