Sunday, November 28, 2010

Nov 25- Nov 28

Well the thanksgiving dinner  the KOA sent us to was a no go, restaurant was closed,so we went on to the Thanksgiving buffet at the casino, it was good but not what we were looking forward to. Friday we went on the KOA shuttle into New Orleans french quarter, it was so cool down there but cold and so rainy we got soaked. The French market was huge lots of stuff, we got some cool photos, we had a Cajun lunch, spicy spicy. and went to the casino to dry out. Apparently to gamble in Louisiana is illegal they get around it by calling it gaming...or so we were told. No gambling but you wouldn't believe the sex photos up on the windows , apparently that's OK. We were also told that the Mardi Grai parade starts out with family friendly goings on and as it progresses towards the end it gets raunchier and raunchier lots of nudity plus at the end... Saturday we went on a swamp tour, seen a alligator and the kids on the boat got to fed a raccoon, Capt. Coyote had a snapping turtle and a pair of baby alligators, they were so cute. I wasn't feeling so hot heavy chest and sore throat so Sunday no church we just stayed home and I had lots of drugs and lots of sleep, feeling much better now.

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