Wednesday, April 6, 2011

coming home

Well that dreaded day is finally here, we have left are  home. boo hoo I guess it is high time to be heading back we have been gone a total of 225 days so far put on more then 14,000 miles on the motorhome  and aprox. 20.000 kms on the car. I am sad to be leaving this life of traveling about but glad to be returning to friends and family missed everyone ...see you all soon

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

now that his work is done my hubby can sit and read, well there is still the YARD !
 date palms at dateland
fields of prickly pear cactus all over , for gardens or the fruit ? 
in the prayer garden at the orphanage
board members and spouses
daycare logos
bus donated by Zion Lutheran school
walls are almost done
some of the homes around the new daycare building

Mar11 - 15

Norm and I went down to Mexico to the daycare for the annual general meeting, they were not ready for drywall so we stayed only those few days and once they are ready for Norm he will go back, from home now.The whole board was there and we had a good week end planning and visualizing the future of the daycare. On Monday Norm and I drove down to the orphanage at Vicente Guerrero, my first trip there, it was a nice ride  and we spent time there with Larry and Olive  Keillor. On Tuesday we drove Kris, Garcy and Brandon to San Diego before we headed back to Mesa. We stopped at dateland a small tourist trap that we have past many times and bought some dates and had a date shake, weird. Funn y that there is a grove of date palms set in the middle of nowhere, lots of different ones they are good. Once we were back our furniture came and we moved into our place, then we both got the flu, I guess all the time sharing in Mexico was not over as Howard shared his flu germs with us, thanks guy.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

guest room is waiting for you
master bedroom
new frontroom
looks kind of like Sam, he was a bit taller 

March 7 to 22

Lynn's last night here we took her to the Arizona Opry, had a great time. We were all amazed at how much one of the performers looked like Sam. Took her picture with him what do you think? Next morning we had to get up early to get Lynn to the airport, that was one long day, I missed her; now Norm made me work with him, finally got it all done.Place looks pretty good, had furniture delivered and we moved over here last saturday.

Monday, March 7, 2011

playing cards with her brother
on the way to Tortilla Flats
I want to know how many times I have to have a photo here ?
she looks good surrounded by money, Tortilla Flats restaurant
no she is not sleeping, at least I don't think so haha


Well we have had a wonderful visit with Lynn even though she is a little opinionated on how to decorate my place but then who listens to her ha ha. Her and Norm got all the painting done  the doors are in and carpets came today, Norm is now putting tile by the front door, looking pretty good. We worked Lynn hard but we have take her to the Casino, up to Tortilla Flats, out to Goodyear to visit with Kim's mom and tonight we are off to the Arizona Opry, not to mention the time spent my the pool or just sitting in the sun  a good 10 days I think I may even miss her    " NOT "  no just kidding I will. So who's coming next?????

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

cactus across from our rv
Lynn comes and brings the cold, wind and snow, 5 years since last snowfall here
scraping the ceilings
some bird of paradise flowers
another strange cacti
Quails so cute and are always running
the four of us
one of the many cacti  the Cholla cactus

Botanical Gardens

On Valentines day Marj, Ernie, Norm and I toured the Desert Botanical Gardens, a very interesting place with cacti from all over . We had a wonderful day but it was a little warm, we loved watching the quails running all over they are so cute. The Temples' had to be to the airport early on the 15th their flight left at 8:45 we will miss them. We moved the RV over to Superstition Buttes the park where we bought are house on the 16th and then began the remodelling of our winter much work and mess. why can't men buy a place and leave it as is??? Lynn arrived on the 26th and we put her to work ha ha, she is a super worker helping Norm or at least telling him what to do,painting is now on the agenda. We will have to give her time off and take her to do some touristy things.

Friday, February 11, 2011

Even Granny  gave us some words of advise on old age, not as golden as we are led to believe.
Willie Nelson , one of my favourites
Elvis got all shook up
Tiny Tim tip toed through the tulips for us
John Denver came to sing
some of the group
our hosts the Barleen twins
a few of the instruments they used
Me and my sister chick
not a great photo but they are having fun


Having a good time with the Temples, we have driven around, spent time at the new place and last night we went to the Arizona Opry. It was a dinner show, had a very good roast beef dinner and the show was so good , singing, humour and hundreds of different instruments, this is a family show here in Mesa for over 30 years, a very talented bunch of people. There are many different shows and we will for sure be returning time and time again, come visit and we will take you. To day we are off to Tortilla flats and to enjoy the scenic route drive around  the superstition mountains.

Friday, February 4, 2011

some of the most beautiful scenery
the blow hole with no blow,  tide was out
la bufadora
nap time, once all kids are down staff meet for coffee and devotion time
craft time
Arianna with some of the babies
Claire with some of the kids
beautiful coastline
on our way to Ensenada
Imperial dunes between Yuma and El Central

Jan 31 - Feb 3

On Monday we drove down into Mexico to visit friends and check out the progress on the new daycare building. Wayne and Claire run a daycare for the children  just out of Ensenada, this is a very poor area and free christian care for the children is one wonderful way to help. They pick the kids up, wash them and their clothes fed them breakfast and lunch and teach them and provide a safe place to play, they have babies and kids up to school age, many of these little ones would be left home alone while their Moms went to work in the fields and work camps. One example is a three year old was left in the home caring for his brother only a few months old, many moms do this! they are torn between leaving their babies alone while they work or staying home with them and watching their babies starve. Thank God for people like the Wagner's and all who support them. The area were the new daycare centre will be in  up in the centre of the little villages where most of the children come from it will be much larger and then so many will not be turned away, the Mexican government is also trying to get the Wagner's to take in orphans, it is very exciting to watch the progress. The drive down was beautiful the scenery along the coastline is amazing and Norm took me out to the la bofadora  but most of the shops were closed and the tide was out so even the blow hole was not working LOL he will have to take me back next month when we return for our board meeting.

Sunday, January 30, 2011

hey,,, look at this Josh has his eyes open !!!!
Baby girl and her baby, thanks for coming
happy birthday Joshua, that boy sure likes to sleep, well in the morning not so much at bedtime.