Thursday, November 18, 2010

Nov 18

Another driving day to day we made it into Florida stopped at St Augustine but only for the night we will continue on down to St Petersburg, Clearwater beach area tomorrow. We will stay for four days then head on to New Orleans will stay there for 8 days, it will be good to be settled for a bit, from there we are heading down to St Padre Island Texas for another week then on to Dallas to visit with the Wheelers, looking forward to that.

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  1. clearwater beach huh?...did dad drive on it again?...hahaha, make sure you give the wheelers big hugs from us..
    ps marg smith has been in the hospital for 5 days now, i visited with her today in the hospital, she is better than yesterday,she says, but yet still on iv fluids, she had been severely dehydrated...will check in with her again tomorrow:) i hope both of you are well and it sounds like you are enjoying the sights and tastes all over the jealous... one day..We miss you Mom and Dad!!! Love you!