Sunday, October 24, 2010

view of downtown Baltimore as we were driving out
more of the boardwalk area
you could ride on this pirate ship and shoot people on the dock with the water cannons, they kids were having a blast
USS Constellation you could wander onto this old ship
shops, restaurants and lots of fun things to do all along the boardwalk
Norman on the boardwalk
The boardwalk is all around the harbor and this is a look out, top of an old lighthouse

Oct. 24th Baltimore

Up early and off to church, only we couldn't find it Norm didn't have the right address in the GPS so we went into Baltimore for the day. Only 20 miles or so from us here at the KOA. We went down to the inner harbor, was a football game day The Baltimore Ravens had a home game and there was so much traffic they love their sport teams in this part of the country, there were tailgate party's all over the place roads closed and police directing the traffic all over took forever to go that 20 miles. Anyways the inner harbor was so nice and the temp. got into the mid 20s very warm.

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Lincoln Memorial
inside the cemetery
entering Arlington Cemetery
part of Embassy row
National Cathedral
some of the neat old buildings
Ford Theater were Ptesident Lincoln was shot
the FBI building
Spy Museum
Canadian Embassy has a museum, arts and theater building and a inter active history museum
Looking at the Washington  Monument from the White House steps,    huge science fair on the common grounds today, schools from all over the states
National Museum of Natural History
we were right up on the White house steps
White House and the Reflecting pool in front
Washington Monument

Oct. 23rd Washington DC

So off to Washington this am , took the subway in only took 1/2 hour. How much US history can one Canadian take???? Apparently alot cause we did it again today, took the city tour and got the whole deal again. WE saw the Washington monument, the White House the National Museum of Natural History, Charlestown, many monuments, museums and old houses, Arlington cemetery and the Smithsonian. So much to remember but the tour was great and we had a beautiful sunny day temp. was about 75F. Home early and watched the kids in the KOA park doing the Halloween thing again, our second Saturday of Halloween fun and games and they do it all over again next week. As I have said it is a big thing down here the KOAs have the last 3 week ends of the month fully booked and do all kinds of fun stuff with the kids,,, so cool.

Friday, October 22, 2010

where the soilders stayed 12 to a cabin
where George Washington lived stayed at Valley Forge
one of the monuments at Valley Forge
when the city was planned there was lots of green spaces in the planning and they are still there
lots of old brick buildings and cobble stone streets from the 1800s still in use
we sat in here, this was George Washingtons pew
inside Christ Church
Camos  and yes that is the line up out the door and around the front
inside Independence hall where the U.S. declaration of Independence was signed
Independence Hall
the Liberty Bell
first US post office


To day we went on the KOA tour of Philadelphia with one other couple from the campgrounds, we left at 8:00 and returned a 6:00 a full day of sight seeing. Our tour guide Joyce was great and gave us a lot of history of the area. She told us to eat at the Campos restaurant, a tiny little hole in the wall  place and to have the Philly cheesteak, she said they were there for years and were the best in the city, where the locals go and she was right it was very good.We saw the first post office in the US and Ben Franklin was the US post office general, We saw the liberty bell and Independence hall where the US constitution and charter of independence was signed.We went into the Ben Franklin underground museum, Betsy Ross' house and Christ Church ,President George Washington and Ben Franklin were among those who attended this church and it still is an active congregation have 8-9 hundred a Sunday over half being visitors  and then we went down to Valley Forge. October 22nd we left there and came to the Washington DC Capital KOA into the Capital tomorrow.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010


Today we went to Atlantic City New Jersey, it is about 1 1/2 hours from our RV park.It was a place I never expected to go to and so cool. Kind of between Vegas and Reno, there are 11 major hotels with Casinos , 3 belonging to Donald Trump some very very fancy. The boardwalk is 4 miles long there are shops and restaurants all along it .And  a great sandy beach and lots of walkways to the beach at the end of the boardwalk is an amusement park like the PNE very cool place. We went into some of the casinos and had lunch at Hooters very good. When we left Norm bought  me a funnel cake and then I was swarmed by sea gulls they were dive bombing trying to get my cake  kind of scary.

Monday, October 18, 2010

coming into Philadelphia
statue of liberty at the RV park,so this is what she looks like!!! 
as close as we got to the Statue of Liberty, you can tour around her on a ferry but since 911 no tours of the statue
where the Macy's stores started, newer store is 1 square block
Madison square Garden
the Metropolian Museum
Strawberry feild, memorial garden central park. across from the  home of John Lennon where he was shot
statue in Central Park
a few of the hundreds of famous yellow New York cabs