Wednesday, December 15, 2010

me and my hubby in Dallas


our dear friends Bernice and George
We have been having a great time visiting with George and Bernice and family, they are doing well and are doing great here in Dallas. Bernice has our days very busy and we are enjoying it.

Sunday, December 12, 2010

well I did manage to get the tail of a dolphin
the marina next to the RV park
one of the other tours on the bay
the long pier at Port Isabel
Port Isabel lighthouse chamber of commerce office

Dec 7th and 8th and 9th

Wednesday we drove north abit and checked out some more areas and Thursday we went across the causeway into Port Isabel walked on the very long pier and checked into a dolphin watch boat tour,,,sorry none until Saturday   we leave then boo hoo.  We went home and decided to go on our pier to the bar for happy hour and take photos of the sun set   sorry closed for painting that day  boy we were batting zero this day.So Friday we found a Eco tour dolphin watch and went on it, that  was great we saw so many dolphins. Apparently there are 6 pods in the area about 150 dolphins they performed for us of course they are real hard to take photos of..Then later we went into town and watched a real cute Christmas parade so many kids having a great time.
pelicans on this beach
On Monday we drove into Brownsville, Norm has always wanted to check this place out, but we were not really impressed, we won't be wintering down there!!!We drove out along this strip of land thinking we were going to a small town and a county park... well after driving for awhile and finding nothing we turned around and headed back, stopped at a border check only to find out there was not anything down that way except Mexico and bad people( this is what the border guard called them)  lots of trouble down in this area  oh dear! So we went home and walked on another of our beaches  safer here...
the beach was nice but it was a very cold windy day
birds on the beach

Dec 5th to Dec 9th

Sunday we went into San Benito to church 1/2 hour away, home for lunch were we watched the pelicans diving into the water in front of our RV spot and we saw dolphins swimming across the bay. We walked down through the county park to the beach and wandered up and down the beach there watched some wind surfers.

Saturday, December 4, 2010

I have no Christmas tree but I do now have a Christmas chicken
from our front window
boat launch at the rv park
our neighbours in front of our RV
this is the causeway from mainland to island

Dec 3rd

Drove into South Padre Island, this Island is approx. 38 miles long and just 30 miles from Brownsville which is on the USA/ Mexico border. The bridge or causeway from mainland to island is about 3 miles long and as we got to the end of the bridge we saw dolphins in the water, so cool. The KOA is right there at the end of this causeway and on the water, very nice.
driving through Houston
Welcome to Texas

Dec 2nd

We head out again long drive today , cross into Texas and spent the night in Victoria, then left early heading to South Padre Island.
strange characters hang out in the bars here, no not me Tammie!
sugar refinery along the Mississippi
still can see damage from Katrina
the steam paddelboat Natchez
woman playing the calliope

Nov 30 Dec 1

Spent Tuesday hanging out at the RV was kind of stormy outside we were on Tornado watch again. Weds. our last day here, we went back into New Orleans on the shuttle  so much nicer to wander around when the sun is shining, had coffee and a beignet at some old famous coffee house. Beignets are like a cross between a  doughnut and fried dough piled with tons of icing sugar. It was the only thing they sold with their drinks, was good but messy, icing sugar everywhere, as you walked around you could tell who had eaten one by the traces of icing sugar on their clothes.We did the steam paddle wheel tour, was nice there was a woman playing a calliope, she was very good.We walked up to Bourbon street one more time, had drinks in some old bar, was a good day.
city hall Baton Rouge
old steam paddleboat casino
river walk along the Mississippi

Nov 29

We went into Baton Rouge about 1 hour , didn't seem like much going on there, we walked the river walk along the Mississippi river and went into a old paddle boat made into a casino on the water. Had lunch in the attached hotel and walked some more.  Drove around the town then headed home.

Sunday, November 28, 2010

lovely swamp cabin, need a vacation?
Mr Alligator
into the swamp
Christmas trees for sale!!!
entrance into the French Market
buildings have lots of wrought iron
some New Orleans architecture
another view of the bridge
super long bridge going into New Oleans

Nov 25- Nov 28

Well the thanksgiving dinner  the KOA sent us to was a no go, restaurant was closed,so we went on to the Thanksgiving buffet at the casino, it was good but not what we were looking forward to. Friday we went on the KOA shuttle into New Orleans french quarter, it was so cool down there but cold and so rainy we got soaked. The French market was huge lots of stuff, we got some cool photos, we had a Cajun lunch, spicy spicy. and went to the casino to dry out. Apparently to gamble in Louisiana is illegal they get around it by calling it gaming...or so we were told. No gambling but you wouldn't believe the sex photos up on the windows , apparently that's OK. We were also told that the Mardi Grai parade starts out with family friendly goings on and as it progresses towards the end it gets raunchier and raunchier lots of nudity plus at the end... Saturday we went on a swamp tour, seen a alligator and the kids on the boat got to fed a raccoon, Capt. Coyote had a snapping turtle and a pair of baby alligators, they were so cute. I wasn't feeling so hot heavy chest and sore throat so Sunday no church we just stayed home and I had lots of drugs and lots of sleep, feeling much better now.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Nov 21st and Nov 22nd

Well Tuesday we drove for 8 1/2 hours went from St Petersburg Florida up and over to just outside of Pensacola Florida spent the night and then moved on down to New Orleans. Nothing to interesting but we are on day 90 of our trip and we reached 10,000 miles wow we have really put on the miles and seen so many places, It is very warm and we will stay here for 8 days should get relaxed and see alot of things.. Hoping we can get some Thanksgiving diner tomorrow: ), they are the first KOA we've been to that is not hosting one, figures eh!   but there is a restaurant down the road we may go to  for turkey diner Happy American Thanksgiving

Monday, November 22, 2010

nice night the end of another perfect day
we had a great day on this beautiful
some of the fun things for kids on the beach
Clearwater beach pier
on the rail trail leaving our RV park
tree in the RV park covered with spagnum moss

Nov 21 and Nov 22

Sunday we went into Clearwater to church and we sat with a real nice couple, wouldn't you know it they were winter residents...from Moose Jaw  so funny, come all this way and meet people from Sask..It was a good service very much like ours with the Hymnal and old folks hahah. Walked the rail trail a city bike walking trail not sure how long it is but we walked for an hour from our RV park out over the water and Norm did it again today (Monday) and went into the Walmart shopping centre, the trail keep on going, guess I should try to find out how long it is. Monday we went into Clearwater and sat on the beach for awhile , it is one of the nicest beaches with that sugar soft sand , it was in the mid to high 80s and got very hot under the cabana we rented.Last night here this has been one nice stop and we will add it to our possible future winter  residence places. We did not plan to come down into Florida this trip but we both are glad we did.

Saturday, November 20, 2010

our seafood platter,
pretty resort on St Petes beach
we spent time watching the pelicans dive for fish
Indian Head Beach

Nov 20th

This is a real nice park they have monthly and seasonal rentals here and Norm thinks we should consider Florida for our winters, we will have to see what we find in Arizona you never know. It is a lovely area spent the day driving and walking the approx 25 plus miles of beaches soooo   nice had lunch on the beach and watched the para sailing, it was in the low 80s and a wonderful breeze off the water. We had the seafood platter so we could try the crawdads, they were good but an awful lot of work for a tiny bit of food, Norm loved the mussels I must say the almost raw oysters were not my favorite haha.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Nov 18

Another driving day to day we made it into Florida stopped at St Augustine but only for the night we will continue on down to St Petersburg, Clearwater beach area tomorrow. We will stay for four days then head on to New Orleans will stay there for 8 days, it will be good to be settled for a bit, from there we are heading down to St Padre Island Texas for another week then on to Dallas to visit with the Wheelers, looking forward to that.
I got some shells for my collection , but just a photo of this starfish
some of the realy nice beach front homes, very colorful
walking on the beach
there was a huge railroad here for many years, now the station is a tourist centre and museum
one of the old roads in Charleston
makes for a very interesrting nature walk