Saturday, December 4, 2010

Nov 30 Dec 1

Spent Tuesday hanging out at the RV was kind of stormy outside we were on Tornado watch again. Weds. our last day here, we went back into New Orleans on the shuttle  so much nicer to wander around when the sun is shining, had coffee and a beignet at some old famous coffee house. Beignets are like a cross between a  doughnut and fried dough piled with tons of icing sugar. It was the only thing they sold with their drinks, was good but messy, icing sugar everywhere, as you walked around you could tell who had eaten one by the traces of icing sugar on their clothes.We did the steam paddle wheel tour, was nice there was a woman playing a calliope, she was very good.We walked up to Bourbon street one more time, had drinks in some old bar, was a good day.

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