Monday, October 4, 2010

We left St John's at 8a.m. and drove along the Bonnivista penninsula about a 5 to 6 hour drive out of our way back to Port aux Basque, very pretty area friends from church are from this area so we had to go check it out. When hurricane Igor hit Nfld and this area was hardest hit so lots of damage mostly down trees and washed out areas of the road. We had a detour because of a washed out bridge and when we left Bonivista we started back on hwy 235 and about 1/2 hour in we had to go back to Bonivista and take the other hwy back again because that road was no longer there, big sections just washed away. We thought it strange that no signs were posted... oh well we were in Nfld. So on to the ferry we go and we were on the road another nine hours with a dinner stop. Yah finally to the ferry terminal  and yes our ferry is delayed.... we will leave at 5:30 not 2:30 that is a.m. so some sleeping in the car. After we got back to the RV and unpacked and showered  what do we decide to do but drive around again so off to Fort Louisbourg an old french fort and settelment real interesting had a beautiful sun shining day it was 22 so warm, then stopped at a chicken place that we have been eyeing all week, great chicken wierd name   "Lick a Chick" now isn't that catchy.Today we took the car for a lube and then came back and are having a nothing day it is still beautiful out but only about 16, tommorrow we move on to Halifax.

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