Saturday, October 23, 2010

Oct. 23rd Washington DC

So off to Washington this am , took the subway in only took 1/2 hour. How much US history can one Canadian take???? Apparently alot cause we did it again today, took the city tour and got the whole deal again. WE saw the Washington monument, the White House the National Museum of Natural History, Charlestown, many monuments, museums and old houses, Arlington cemetery and the Smithsonian. So much to remember but the tour was great and we had a beautiful sunny day temp. was about 75F. Home early and watched the kids in the KOA park doing the Halloween thing again, our second Saturday of Halloween fun and games and they do it all over again next week. As I have said it is a big thing down here the KOAs have the last 3 week ends of the month fully booked and do all kinds of fun stuff with the kids,,, so cool.

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