Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Mar11 - 15

Norm and I went down to Mexico to the daycare for the annual general meeting, they were not ready for drywall so we stayed only those few days and once they are ready for Norm he will go back, from home now.The whole board was there and we had a good week end planning and visualizing the future of the daycare. On Monday Norm and I drove down to the orphanage at Vicente Guerrero, my first trip there, it was a nice ride  and we spent time there with Larry and Olive  Keillor. On Tuesday we drove Kris, Garcy and Brandon to San Diego before we headed back to Mesa. We stopped at dateland a small tourist trap that we have past many times and bought some dates and had a date shake, weird. Funn y that there is a grove of date palms set in the middle of nowhere, lots of different ones they are good. Once we were back our furniture came and we moved into our place, then we both got the flu, I guess all the time sharing in Mexico was not over as Howard shared his flu germs with us, thanks guy.

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