Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Botanical Gardens

On Valentines day Marj, Ernie, Norm and I toured the Desert Botanical Gardens, a very interesting place with cacti from all over . We had a wonderful day but it was a little warm, we loved watching the quails running all over they are so cute. The Temples' had to be to the airport early on the 15th their flight left at 8:45 we will miss them. We moved the RV over to Superstition Buttes the park where we bought are house on the 16th and then began the remodelling of our winter home...so much work and mess. why can't men buy a place and leave it as is??? Lynn arrived on the 26th and we put her to work ha ha, she is a super worker helping Norm or at least telling him what to do,painting is now on the agenda. We will have to give her time off and take her to do some touristy things.

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