Sunday, January 30, 2011

Jan. 27 to Jann. 30

Well we had a very good time with Tammie and Josh soooo nice to have company, we may have been a little cramped but it work out just fine.We did part of the Apache Trail loop up into  the Superstition Mountains went to the old Goldfield mine site did the touristy thing there, then up to Tortilla flats for lunch and ice cream, they have prickly pear ice cream there. We found the worlds worst outlet mall,,, what a joke then went to a regular mall did some shopping and out for Chinese dinner. They got to come look at our winter home, the old owners still have clean up to do there, we are off to Mexico for a few days everything should be ready when we return. Was sad to drop Tammie and Josh at the airport can't wait for when everything at the house is ready and they come back. We are off to visit at the daycare in Mexico  and to check how the building is going and when Norm will be able to drywall there.

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